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Creating a Safer Environment for Your Students

Create a Safer Environment for Your Students

Our Vision: Securing Students’ Digital Life

At Trio, we're a collective of passionate minds – parents, educators, and tech enthusiasts – united by a shared mission: to empower a safer, more secure online learning experience. Think of Trio Education as a security protocol, seamlessly integrated into your educational ecosystem. We provide a shield for students, deflecting potential online threats, and creating a digital environment to explore and grow.

The Evolution of Trio Education

Initially, Trio Education focused on monitoring student devices. However, recognizing the evolving needs, we expanded its features to include more valuable functionalities. Today, Trio Education efficiently manages device tracking, student monitoring, and app oversight. It has become an indispensable tool for every school!

Meet Our Leaders

At Trio Education, we've got top-notch leaders from all over the world dedicated to keeping your students and schools safe.


Saeid Alirezaei

Co-Founder & CEO


Javad Zaeri

Co-Founder & COO


Kevin Rademakers

Sales Manager


Sami Abdoun

Sales Representative

Accolades of Your Trust

Explore Trio Education's colorful badge collection, a testament to our dedication and hard work. We want to thank our incredible clients for their unwavering support.

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