Class Management

Discipline In Classes

Establish classes and implement clear regulations to maintain organization. Schools can create class schedules, assign staff to classes, and define class profiles.

Customize and Supervise Classes

Trio Education helps schools strike the perfect balance between device use and effective learning. By setting clear guidelines Each class can be monitored and managed with different profiles. Educators will be able to customize class settings and rules, anytime. This allows for a more engaging and focused learning environment for everyone.

Add and Customize

Add a new class by choosing a class name and selecting the grade. Complete the class by optionally selecting a profile.

Edit Existing Classes

Update existing classes anytime! Previously created classes can be easily edited to modify settings. Assigning a different profile, changing screen time, and adding or removing students has never been easier.

Devices List

Regardless of the number of devices in your school, Trio Education ensures smooth management and monitoring. You can easily pair a device, allocate it to specific students, and view a detailed list of devices used in each class. Plus, you can track attendance status when a device is within the school's geofence.

Students List

Add as many students as necessary to classes. This will enable connected classrooms, allowing student and device management for staff.

Teachers List

When creating a class, you can designate specific staff members to that class. Each assigned staff member can supervise their respective class.

Centralized Class Management

Regain control and manage all of your classes from a unified platform. All the tools you need are available in one centralized panel, providing you flexibility to customize classes to your liking.

Simplify Class Management

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