Device Management

All-in-One Device Management

Pair, manage and monitor all the devices at your school. Get full access to all the online activity on the devices, to maintain a secure and safe environment for the students.

From Seamless Pairing to Safe Supervision

Easily connect numerous devices to the school panel for monitoring. Trio Education seamlessly handles a variety of operating systems, including Android, MacBooks, iPhones, iPads, Chromebooks, and Windows. Our intuitive pairing process allows IT admins to pair student devices quickly and easily. Rest assured, student data and device information are securely managed and treated with the utmost care. Compliant with global standards, Trio Education is the trusted tool for managing students' devices.

Swift Device Linking

Use a pair code to add as many devices as you need to the school panel.

Detailed Overview of All Online Actions

The online activity report offers a snapshot of students' digital interactions within the school environment. It provides insights into their online behavior, including blocked websites, searches and time spent online. With this overview, educators and administrators can identify trends, address potential concerns, and tailor interventions to promote safe and productive online habits.

Multi-Platform Support

Don’t worry about which devices students have, because Trio Education supports them all.






Full Supervision Over All Devices

Monitor all devices, including specific classes, individual student names, their respective operating systems, and latest activity, ensuring thorough oversight and device management.

Monitor Your Devices Now

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