Invite Parents

Attentive Parent's Eyes on School

Keep parents informed about school activities to keep them engaged and allow them peace of mind.

Give Parents Insights Into Their Child’s Online Learning

Parents want to stay informed about their child's school device usage. With Trio Education's latest feature, parents can now easily monitor their children's online activity. The school can send an invitation email, granting parents access to the panel through the Trio app or web app. This allows parents to stay in the loop of their child's device activity at school.

Invite Parents

Invite your students’ parents to join the Trio Education panel. Caregivers can either join via the web or the Trio app.

What Can Parents Monitor?

Apps Students Use

Parents can view the applications their children use in school, including most-used apps. They can also review school-set app usage rules.

Websites Students Visit

Parents will receive updates on the websites their children frequently visit. They will also be notified if a student attempts to visit a blocked or restricted site.

Keywords Student Search

Parents will be provided with information on the keywords and phrases their children have searched for at school, paralleling the website reporting.

Time Students Spend on Their Devices

Parents can view the amount of time their children spend on devices by logging into their parent account on the Trio Education panel.

Time to Connect Parents!

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