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Using the comprehensive reporting tool on Trio Education, nothing goes unnoticed. Get full data on the devices and students’ activity.

What Features Are Included In Trio Education Reports?

There is a lot that schools can do with the Trio Education reporting tool. Get detailed information on every single device’s activity, track students’ location, check attendance, monitor app usage, limit or block certain online activities, and manage website and keyword searches. Assign devices to classes and students, and set rules to improve security, provide safety, and help increase students’ focus.

Student Reports

Add students, collect and manage their information, assign them devices, and monitor their activity.

Device Reports

Pair devices with the school panel, assign them to students, track their locations, monitor their online activity, and regulate web behavior.

Attendance Reports

With the Geofence option in Trio Education, attendance tracking becomes simple. School authorities receive immediate notifications whenever a student enters or exits the school, providing precise attendance reports.

Web Activity Reports

Internet activities, including website visits and searches, can be tracked and monitored. Trio Education generates reports that present all browser-related activities.

App Usage Reportss

Trio Education offers detailed insights into students' device activities, providing access to and reporting on all installed apps. From last usage details to screen time for each app, along with other relevant data.

Screen Time Reports

Trio Education provides complete visibility into device usage by recording and reporting screen time. This feature equips schools with detailed statistics, allowing them to stay fully informed about students’ device activity.

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