Student Management

Student Safety, a School’s Priority

Enroll students easily, collect their information securely, and manage them effectively. Trio Education empowers you to focus on what matters most - student success.

Simple Student Organization

Adding your students to Trio Education is a breeze. Import them all at once or add them individually. Get an overview of students’ essential information like names, emails, and home addresses, along with parent details. Organize your students by setting grades and classes, and even assign specific devices for seamless learning. Need to make changes? No problem - you can easily edit student information at any time.

Add or Import Students

No matter the number of students, you can add them one by one, or enroll them as a group.

Edit Existing Students

If you have previously added students to your Trio Education panel, you can later edit their information or delete them from the list.

Unified Student Management

Keep all student-related matters in one place - Trio Education provides a centralized student management feature for effortless monitoring and administration.

Need Help Managing Classrooms?

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