Simplified Cross-platform Device and Security Management

Set up, deploy, and manage all your company’s devices automatically from anywhere.  
Maximize your IT efficiency and security with our airtight, cloud-based ecosystem. 

Trio is efficient, easy to use, and saves me a lot of headache. As the CTO in a small startup, I juggle many balls, including IT management. Trio's IT automation gives me more time to focus on our product and our clients' needs. | Phillip Lee, CTO

What We Do

Trio brings all your IT assets together, simplifying their set up, maintenance, monitoring, and management without compromising security.

Remote Device Monitoring and Management

Automate setting up, deploying, maintaining, and managing all your devices and their individualized apps and settings.

Zero-Trust Security Protocols

Ensure access to everything your workforce needs without compromising the company network.

Single Sign-on (SSO) Integration

Save employees time and trouble with a single sign-on that gives them access to all the integrated apps.

Workflow Management

Significantly cut costs by making your processes smoother and your devices more efficient.

Cross-platform Operation

Manage and monitor a diverse range of devices across all major operating systems including macOS, iOS, Windows, and Android.

Company App Store

Give employees the power to select and install apps from your company’s own app store without the need to ask for IT support.

Third-party App Integration

Trio integrates easily with third-party applications to create a seamless, smooth work environment for all your workforce.

Project Management


Messaging & Communication


Project Management

Google Calendar

Project Management

The ideal solution for a progressive work culture

Work culture is changing worldwide and remote work is the new normal. This poses a challenge for companies that want to keep employees happy while managing a large and diverse IT fleet securely. Trio offers the unified, cloud-based ecosystem you need to thrive in this new age of remote workers.
Remote monitoring & management

Make your IT processes more efficient by handling them remotely.

IT Automation

Just add user devices to your company ecosystem. Trio takes care of the rest.

A simplified approach to a complicated problem We believe that genius lies in simplicity. So, we’ve designed Trio to offer the most simplified user experience — one that resonates with all your employees, not just your IT administrators.
Intuitive UI

Designed with simplicity in mind, Trio's UI architecture ensures all navigations are easy. No onboarding needed.

Efficient UX

Everything you need is within your reach, no more than a few clicks away.

A simplified approach to a complicated problem

Don’t let IT issues get in the way of your creativity

Trio is here to take the headache out of all your IT processes so you can focus on what you do best. 

Secure, Connect, Empower

yet limitless

Security doesn’t need to be synonymous with limitations. You can integrate Trio with various operating systems, company-owned or employee-owned (BYOD) devices, and third-party applications while maintaining an airtight security architecture. 

yet interconnected

No time wasted on app installation and updates. With Trio, users can choose and install whatever tools they need from your company’s exclusive app store. This empowers employees and lessens the burden on IT departments at the same time. 

To get a taste of what Trio can do for your company, request an early demo.

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